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Seule ORG & Software Engineering is a name that stands for the software services of the sole proprietorship Laurenz Mader. The aim of Seule ORG is to develop sustainable and socialist-oriented software solutions. Seule ORG implements the HSASE concept. HSASE stands for "Humanitarian and Sustainability Aid Software Engineering". The HSASE concept is based on the assumption that human society has exceeded the requirements for exclusively profit-oriented software. The effective need has been reached. Software is still being developed with the sole purpose of generating capital. Learn about the HSASE Program and HSASE Manifesto. The three development offerings consist of web and data development, mobile applications, and coorperate design development. Stingray Software owns the copyright to all images and graphics shown, exceptions will be noted. Web and Data Engineering - From micro-services to web pages to comprehensive data applications. Mobile applications - We develop mobile applications across platforms. For mobile applications, hosting of data interfaces is limited to our servers for security reasons. Coorperate Design - Leave it to us to conceptualise and develop your corporate design or simple logo.
Seule Org Research and Software Engineering 2023.
An Austrian software and research team led by Laurenz Mader and Benedikt Ortner.
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